About Oxemberg Menswear Brand


After having established itself as a distinguished entity in the Indian market space, the Siyaram’s Group in the 90s envisaged another venture. A vision was thus born to introduce contemporary fashion to keep up with the changing trends, with a mark of quality & genuine value. Though Oxemberg was conceived out of forward integration, it soon became a household name in a fiercely competitive clothing domain.

And as they say, the rest is history! The fledgling brand grew to be the flagship brand of Siyaram’s Apparel Division. With its history one of excellence & innovation, Oxemberg made its presence felt amidst the power brands in men’s fashion. And it wouldn’t have been possible, had it not been for its core – interpretation. Oxemberg twisted the routine by arm and gave an interesting spin to the classics. This refreshing change of pace was welcomed by the consumers, as for the first time they were able to strike a balance between corporate asks and personal style quotient.

The best part? It doesn’t end there. After changing the face of formal, semi-formal and cool casual wear like never before, Oxemberg is striding towards newer avenues in styles, fabrics, manufacturing methods and quality standards. And it’s just getting started. The international markets too acknowledge the Oxemberg phenomenon which is evident from the growing overseas demand. Humbly put, its future only looks promising, and more fashionable.



A number of factors come into play when speaking of quality management in the garment industry, viz. performance, reliability, durability and perception of the customer on quality. And at Oxemberg, quality control is taken care of from the very beginning. Right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to giving finishing touches to the final product, the standard is maintained from the get-go.

From standard of fiber, the yarns, fabric construction, colour control and the touch & feel of the fabric, each element is picked and passed to the next stage only after thorough checks. After all, nothing should stand in the way of the Oxemberg’s brand promise of being the best.


Technology is a crucial aspect in making great fashion. While the fabric in itself is attained out of what we call fashion innovation, a designer’s contribution is just as important. Oxemberg is a cut above the rest because of its vertically integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing set-up within the group which produces quality merchandise without fail. Oxemberg uses the latest technology, innovation and processes to bring the designer’s dream to life and maintains the quality and vision of the company consistently over the years.

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A leader in Indian contemporary fashion, Oxemberg has been consistently striking a fine balance between corporate and personal styles of expression, helping those with panache to stand out, flamboyantly.  











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