It’s all about the details. This goes for all kinds of clothing you buy, even if it is a pair of jeans. Buying the perfect denims does not mean merely going to a store and picking out the first piece that catches your eye; there are a few elements to keep in mind too. Elements that help you make or break your look. Since jeans are your go-to option for almost any occasion, be it semi-formal or casual, it is actually your duty to purchase a good pair that fits well.


With Mr. Bro here, you don’t have to wrack your brains, wondering what these details are and how to #MakeYourMove. Mr. Bro has created a list of a few things you need to pay attention to when upgrading to a new pair of denims; he also has some tips to help you shop smart.

The slender fit

Remember to think slim not skinny. Denims that offer a slender fit is a style that looks good on any body type, especially on the average body shape and build. Unlike skinny jeans that are very tight by nature, the slender fit is clean and does not offer an overly tight shape. These denims offer a slim-lined effect without making your legs look too thin. A slender fit makes you appear taller and slimmer, and who wouldn’t want that, right?


The relaxed fit

The relaxed fit is a type of denims for those with an athletic build but want a more laidback cut. They are also known as de-stress jeans and offer the most superior fit for those looking for comfortable wear. These denims slice straight through the hips and down the legs from the belt. You can easily wind the loose fabric around your lower legs, if you have big thighs or hips smaller than your shoulders.


The classic fit

If you are looking for denims you want to practically live in everyday, the classic fit is the best option for you. They are made keeping guys who prefer a more relaxed vibe. They give you more breathing space around your thighs. You need to be careful with these denims, however, as the free fit underneath the knee can lend a certain kind of flare to your look. Make certain you use the trial room when purchasing these denims. Only if you are comfortable with it, go ahead and make the purchase.


The straight leg fit

A shape that outdoes all other styles and trends is the straight leg jeans. These denims do not come with a tapering or fitted shape to them; they simply go straight down all the way from the waist to the leg. They are also popularly known as the comfort fit denim or relaxed fit denim and for good reason too. These denims offer an ample room and are comfortable to wear since they are looser around the calves and knees. These denims flatter men who are slightly larger around the middle area.


Yes, come to think of it, there sure are a variety of fits. When you play with these fits well, it works to your advantage. Now that you aware about the different styles that exist, thanks to Mr. Bro, go ahead and #MakeYourMove. Taking these factors into consideration will surely help you buy the perfect pair of denims, one that you can live in (and will probably die in), with no regrets whatsoever.

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