MSD Denims

Who said that denims are all the same? Not with the Oxemberg’s MSD Denims. With a wide range of washes, styles and trendy accessories, these denims are something out of the ordinary.

MSD Denims

Who would have thought that the coarse, woven and heavy fabric of denims would take over the fashion world and would become an absolute essential in every one’s wardrobe?

The denims evoke a great sense of style and confidence while being immensely comfortable to carry on your daily activities in. But crafting the right denims for everyone is an art in itself. The MSD Denims Collection from Oxemberg has a wide range of jeans with different styles, fits and accessories that will only enhance the regular look of a denim.

As per your body type and comfort levels, select a fit that suits you, be it a high rise, mid-rise or low-rise denims. The next thing that should be on your mind is the fit. The MSD Denims come in different types; the Norton-Straight Fit, the Hudson Slim fit, Twister Super Slim and Melvin Narrow Fit. Each of this style has their own individualistic styles that will work for different occasions and different body types.

When it comes to style, everyone knows what gives jeans its characteristic look. It’s the wash. And if you thought there was only one type of a wash, then you’re about to be proven wrong. There are various types of washes that can be chosen from, each with its own character. These washes are DX, Stone, Bleach, Towel Wash, Pumice Wash, Oceanic Wash, Ice Wash and Reverse wash. Go crazy, because denims are all about adventures.

Think you’ve had enough of jeans? We are not done yet. Our jeans are much more efficient than any other garment. The experts at Oxemberg have designed jeans that are Fragrance Jeans (which include Citrus, Mint, Jovan Musk and Lavender). Besides, we also have water repellent, anti-microbial, heat up – cool down, smoke-free and UV protected jeans.