Formal Shirts

‘Clothes make the man’ but formal shirts make him a cut above the rest! Define your personality with the latest Formal Shirts Collection from Oxemberg.

Formal Shirts

Everyday occasions, be it regular office meetings or a formal get-together, ask for a certain level of simplicity and elegance. Can you get a bit of both in one look? Yes, you can! The Formal Shirts from Oxemberg are tailored to suit every formal occasion.

Pick the right fit, a regular fit or a slim fit as per your comfort, and heighten the look by pairing it with the perfect pattern. Remember, a well fitted shirt does much more for your appearance than you may think. A well fitted formal shirt will accentuate your features making you appear lean and tall.

Formal shirts don’t have to be drab, go for a burst of colours with Oxemberg’s Formal Shirts Collection. Plain, checkered or pine strip; there is an endless list of patterns you can opt for with the formal shirts collection. Each pattern has its own personality. For example, a pine strip can power you in a big meeting, while a candy stripe is more playful for a fun night post work. Whatever your need, patterns and colours for formals shirts will work just right.

The Oxemberg Formal Shirts Collection will win over your heart and mind with its comprehensive and stylish range.