Formal Trousers

Walk the talk with the perfect fitting Formal Trousers made with comfy smooth fabric. Crafted so well, each garment is a masterpiece that takes inspiration from you.

Formal Trousers

A shirt alone cannot do all the work. You need a pair of well fitted trousers to complete the look. Many consider trousers to be a functional piece of clothing. However, it’s actually trousers that give your look the finesse it needs. When it comes to trousers, be very picky about fabric and fit because baggy trousers can kill your vibe. And there is a science when it comes to picking the right fit.

If you are on the slimmer side, make sure you pick trousers that have pleats in the front. This gives an illusion of volume which would work well for a lean frame. But, if you are on the heavier side, go for the slim fit trousers as they’ll make your frame look narrow. We have something for everyone with trousers that are ‘Regular fit’, ‘Trim fit’, ‘Super Trim Fit’, ‘Super Crease’ and ‘Flexi Waist’. As if that was not enough, we’ve got fabrics to suit your every taste.

Our Formal Trousers come in a wide range of fabrics like Polyester Viscose, Polyester Viscose Linen, Terry Rayon and Polyester Viscose Lycra, each of them aiming to give you the flawless fit. And if you think that’s all there is to trousers, then you may be mistaken.

With the changing fashion scene, Oxemberg offers you neutral, dark shades, lighter shades and even khaki so that you can break away from the regular and stand bold in a pair of trousers that fit like they were custom made for you.