Beach Pebble

Always up for a walk by the beach? Then the Beach Pebble Collection, as the name suggests is your go-to collection for taking the beach to work.

Beach Pebble

Men often complain that they have a very limited choice of clothing as compared to the women. The Beach Pebble Collection by Oxemberg is here to change that – and for good!

Picture a beach and the washed up waves hitting your feet. Now picture the pebbles in different shapes, sizes and colours. The light fabric is airy and fresh and the washed up look catches the essence of the washed up pebbles that have stood the test of time. But the beauty of the collection is that though inspired by the great outdoors, this has been designed to double up as your office wear. Epaulets, pockets, collars and stylized cuffs make the look a little more adventurous while the patterns will make you look docile and ready for work.

The main criteria for picking the right shirt is two things only –

  1. Fit
  2. Fabric

However important these two might be individually, they are also dependent on each other. A shirt will only fit well if it’s made of impeccable fabric that has been designed to sit on you like second skin. Oxemberg chooses the best fabrics for the Beach Pebble Collection, whether it is Cotton, Poplin or 100% Cotton Linen. For all the young professionals who want to keep up with the trends, the Beach Pebble Collection is here to solve all your worries. .