“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides”. This famous quote from André Malraux was, is and will be relevant for ages to come.

Every year the world celebrates International Men’s Day on the 19th of November, and 2019 will follow the same course. The theme for this year’s International Men’s Day is: “Making a Difference for Men and Boys”. Which in fact is the direst need of the hour.

This day is commemorated across the world to promote ethical, samaritan and well-being values among males. The idea of emotional support for men is often convoluted, due to the age-old perception of telling them to ‘man up’. However, this International Men’s Day can be a great starting point for you to bring out a fascinating change in your life.

Here are the five best ways to celebrate this International Men’s Day 2019 for a better and revolutionary change:

Monitor Your Physique

You can skip over to the next point if you have shining biceps and a crunchy set of abs. But if you have a shaggy-laggy body with too much weight to shed, now is the time to do so.

Exercise and maintaining a good body shape is among the most procrastinated ideas for men. Every man wants a toned body, but only a few take the effort to maintain it. Sometimes due to an overburden of family responsibilities, and sometimes due to that ‘panda’ attitude.

Maintaining your overall physique will help you stay active and energized throughout the day. Meanwhile giving your body movement and exercise it needs.

Get A New Haircut

Your hair is among the most important part of your appearance. That’s the first thing people notice in your looks, and if you abide by the philosophy of - “the first impression is the last”, you must take care of them.

Sprucing up your hairstyle can make a huge difference in your looks. Getting a new and sassy haircut will make people shower compliments over your new looks. Which will eventually fill you up with confidence, gratitude, compassion, and positive vibes.

Groom Yourself With Latest Fashion

Most men spend most of their lives with the same style of apparel and accessories. If you’re one of them, now is the time to move on.

Try the latest fashion trends from the trending line of apparel, and groom yourself with a new look. Staying up to date with the latest fashion will make you more presentable and acceptable among your colleagues, prospects, and everyone else you meet.

Improve Lifestyle and Check Your Health

It is a well known and accepted fact that most health disorders are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. The Indian subcontinent has become a hub for such diseases, which are also the biggest cause of premature demise among individuals.

However, countermeasures to this problem are extremely easy and undemanding. Get regular exercise, stay happy, say no to stress, move towards organic products, spend a good time with your family and friends and embrace nature.

Inspire Your Friends and Celebrate

Don’t just keep these goodies to yourself. Educate your friends, family, and relatives about their importance, and involve them in the celebrations of this International Men’s Day.

Be the positive change you want to make, and inspire others to incorporate these habits in their daily lives. Which will eventually create a supportive and motivating environment around you.