Wondering why even though you wear the most striking of ensembles and use the most expensive products you fail to look debonair or gain the attention you want? Well, grooming is your main culprit. Come on gentlemen, your clothes cannot do all the talking if your hair, skin and appearance screams disaster. So rather than adding more fashionable clothes to your cart, take a step back and consider looking into the mirror. Are you grooming yourself, right? If the answer is No, Mr. Bro is here to help you #MakeYourMove and look the part where you steal everyone’s breath away. Look at some of the grooming mistakes you may be making.

Applying hair product incorrectly

Sure, the advertisements stress on applying hair product for a sophisticated look yet the way you apply it equally matters too. Applying wax, paste or clay on wet hair is a big NO. Wait for your hair to dry before putting on the product. When your hair is wet, the product blends in and leaves an undesirable effect. Also, see that you warm the product in your hand first and apply it from back to front. Unless you want to look like a porcupine, follow this ritual every time you apply hair product.

Not trimming nose hair

You do shave almost every day, right? Then why ignore that pesky nose hair that wreaks havoc with your otherwise handsome face? There is nothing more undesirable than nose hair and it literally takes 30 seconds with a trimmer to get rid of. It’s time you show some effort and avoid the horrifying look you get when people spot you in this situation. Remember, the taller you are, the more likely it is going to be for people to see your nose hair. To steer clear from this kind of awkwardness, just go ahead and trim it.

Not washing your face

No, this isn’t about splashing water on your facial features in the mornings; it’s about washing your face before going to bed. Not washing your face, more so after a particularly tiring day, leads to a collection of oil, dead skin and bacteria. This eventually leads to clogged pores, pimples and dull skin. So, wash your face before you hit the bed for clear skin that oozes a subtle glow.

Not paying attention to neck hair

Just like in the case of nose hair, do away with neck hair too. It gives you a bad side angle look. Getting rid of neck hair takes less than a minute and you won’t have to worry about it for days or even weeks depending on your hair growth so go ahead and do the needful once and for all. Most haircuts involve trimming any hair on the back of the neck so make sure it is done in an even manner.

Wearing too much cologne

Yes, body odor can be your worst enemy but so can too much cologne. It’s not attractive when you see people gagging at the sight of you because you smell like a perfume store. To add the right amount of cologne, put on a small amount on your throat and wrists. Anything more than two spritz is too much. Be sure to choose fragrance-free moisturizers, detergents and body lotions too as these can all help to amplify your scent.

So, there you have it. Now that Mr. Bro has brought these grooming mistakes to light, here’s hoping you avoid falling victim to them with a vengeance.