Cricket fever has taken over and how. While it is perfectly fine to don your cozy pajamas as you watch the match from your TV set, when actually heading to the stadium for the ICC World Cup, you need to up your style game as you cheer for your favorite team from the crowd. After all, if you want to look your striking best when having a great time with friends or family, you need to blend in as you stand out from the audience. Here are a few ways in which you can make this a reality.

Opt for loose fitting clothes Since you are going to spend a huge amount of time watching the match, you need to make sure the clothes you wear are comfortable, to say the least. A nice tee with your favorite pair of jeans is an effortless yet stylish way to make an impression. However, make certain you do not go in for extremely loose-fitting clothes that make it look like you have borrowed someone else’s wardrobe.

Shorts and sneakers are a definite win If it is a particularly sunny day and you do not want to spend it sweating it out at the stadium, your well-fitted pair of shorts definitely comes in handy. Team your t-shirts with cotton shorts, khakis or even cargos. You can also wear trousers that help you stay light and airy. Complete this look with comfortable yet striking sneakers and you are good to go.

Jersey your way through The jersey should be your go-to piece of attire when heading to the ICC World Cup. There is nothing like sporting your favorite team’s jersey or wearing a plain one if you are not a fan of either team. Although this is comfortable in its own right, it is made of synthetic fabrics which can irritate the skin. So it is always better to put on a cotton vest inside to keeps things in balance.

Pay attention to your accessories Accessorize minimally but make it a point to ensure you do so. Invest in a good watch and don it when you head to the game. A good pair of sunglasses also ensures you look effortlessly stylish while you steer clear from the annoying and dangerous rays of the sun. A hat or cap is also a good accessory you can bring along to save your head from getting baked in the sun.

The kind of footwear you go for While we already spoke about sneakers, you can also pick from canvas, loafers and good sports shoes. Whatever footwear you pick, see that you do not go in for the open feet ones.

You can even opt for a jumper and a denim shirt if you are okay with it and wish to take things up a notch. Whatever you are wearing to the match, make sure you do not fuss about it too much. Be comfortable in what you are wearing, follow the above-mentioned style tips to the T and you are sure to have a good time at the games no matter what.