Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days! Yes, fashion blunders are a part and parcel of the style game. While breaking the rules and being different is allowed, there are some style mistakes you should simply stay away from. Mr. Bro brings you the most common style mistakes you didn’t even know you were making in the first place. This helps you #MakeYourMove in a better way while you look and feel like a million bucks.

Matching socks to the attire

Matching socks to your attire draws unwanted attention. After all, too much color coordination can be a huge turn off. Just because you are wearing a beige suit does not mean you must wear beige socks. Even matching your tie or pocket square to your socks looks too forced. If you still want to make your outfit come together impeccably, keep it simple and safe by matching your socks to your pants. It makes for an appealing picture visually and makes you look taller. If you are wearing lighter colored pants, match your socks to your shoes.

Letting trousers crumble over shoes

Trousers that are too long can cause pools of fabric clustering over your shoes. Nothing makes you look messier. Other than this, the last thing you want is tripping over your own pants. Cropping your pants too short is a big no-no too as it makes you look like a school boy. Keep in mind where exactly your trousers break or you run the risk of looking like you are wearing someone else’s clothes. Opt for one that just about touches your shoe.

Wearing the same color tie and shirt One major faux pas is having the same color shirt and tie. This holds true even if it has stripes. The basic rule of thumb is that your tie needs to be a darker color that your shirt, especially in a formal setup. The underlying motive of wearing a tie is to create an interesting strip that breaks the monotony and blocks of color the jacket and shirt create. Wearing the same color tie and shirt ruins this effect. Picking a different tie that complements the attire well is a good idea.

Wearing bright colors from head to toe

Unless you make balloon animals in the park or make children laugh for a living, wearing bright colors from head to toe is a disaster. Remember, balance is key so even if you want to wear colorful socks, pair it with clean, dark trousers. When styling any outfit, you need to make sure every piece of clothing complements each other well. To make a smart yet stylish impression, choose neutrals as your base and then add color in strategic places.

Now that Mr. Bro has made you aware of some of the most common style mistakes you are unknowingly making, go ahead and put its solutions into effect. It surely helps you look smarter and dress up better.