Road trips are fun, adventurous and all about the journey not the destination. This does not mean you should let style go for a toss and pack a few cotton t-shirts and cargo pants in a duffle bag and head for the hills. You need to dress smartly and keep a few things in mind to #MakeYourMove with swag and still feel comfortable. Mr. Bro brings you a few tips to help you stay stylish even when you go on an off the grid adventure.

Black leggings/straight leg jeans are a savior:

Riding for long stretches in a car can be tiring and exhausting. You need to make sure the journey is as comfortable for you as possible. Tight clothing is a big no-no as it becomes difficult for your skin to breathe. Opt for well fitting black leggings or straight leg jeans. Colors like black or dark blue look great on any colored t-shirt or shirt. Other than this, it can conceal stains and spills that emerge from out of the blue.

Go in for wrinkle-free materials:

You won’t have the time to iron out any wrinkles and crinkles on your clothes when on a road trip. To stay fresh and well kept, opt for wrinkle-free items. Pick simple but stylish shorts and t-shirts and you are sure to look your dashing regardless of which geographical location you are heading to.

A nice pair of slip on footwear

Really, no one expects you to carry your best dress shoes on a road trip. Opt for tennis shoes or better still slip on footwear. It is sturdy enough, easy to put on and leaves you with no shoe bites, which can inevitably play spoilsport no matter where you are heading.

Comfortable socks

If you are wearing sneakers, pack a pair of comfortable socks. A road trip is undoubtedly fun but you won’t be paying any attention to it if you end up with sores or cramps on your feet. Although wearing socks does not eliminate the chances of these problems entirely, it works in improving the situation to a certain extent.

A lightweight jacket

A jacket may seem pointless particularly if you are traveling to a sunny location but sometimes you can never tell when a thunderstorm is waiting to happen. Carrying a lightweight jacket is a good plan or it will certainly feel like one if you are caught drenching wet, miles away from your hotel. A cozy hoodie to shield yourself from the unrelenting AC is also an essential. It can act as the perfect layer to your outfit, a car blanket as well as pillow all rolled into one.

Don’t forget your sunglasses and make certain you carry a cap with you. Rest assured, you are ready to take on any road trip comfortably. Now that Mr. Bro has revealed the few tips on how to stay stylish even when on a road trip, go out and take on any trip that is on the horizon, come rain, storm or scorching heat.