No matter how much time and effort you put into styling your outfit, if you are not going to put the required energy into styling your mane perfectly, it is all going to go for a toss. This involves much more than just applying gel or worst, throwing water and combing your hair before leaving the house. If you are looking to up your style quotient or simply need a makeover from the same old look, paying attention to your mane. We show you a few tricks on how to go about with this and get the look you always wanted.

Get a hair cut

Yes, this is the most obvious solution but it is guaranteed to offer you the desired results, particularly when you want a quick and effortless way to look after your hair. There are many trendy hairstyles men can pick from. This includes the mid-bald fade, the textured top, and the high undercut fade among others. Be sure to maintain the hairdo by trimming it regularly. A trimmer or electric razor is sure to do the trick for you.

Don’t shampoo excessively

If you think that overdoing the shampoo is going to leave you with cleaner, shinier and smoother hair, you are dead wrong. In fact, this only aggravates a dry scalp. What many people with a dry scalp don’t know is that too much shampoo can damage the scalp and make the skin drier and rougher. So save your mane the torture and go easy on the shampoo.

Prepping your hair is important

Put in a certain amount of time to prep your hair prior to styling it in a manner that gives you the ideal hairdo. To do this, see that your hair is never greasy and even if it does look shabby, make sure you rinse it with a mild shampoo and conditioner. This sets the tone and mood for your hairstyle.

Use high-quality hair products

In order to make sure your hair gets the care and attention it deserves even when you style it continuously day in and day out, you need to use high-quality hair products. This makes it easy for your mane to get the nourishment it deserves even as you style it in a manner that suits you best. There are many gels and waxes you can use on your hair to give it shine as well as control.

The textured crop suits all face types while textured curls look good for men with wavy hair as it helps them enhance their curls. The modernized side part depends on your personal taste where you can experiment with different partings while the short afro refers to a style where the length and volume of the hair is bigger at the top compared to the back and sides. All in all, be sure to pick a hairstyle that suits your personality and preference well and follow these hair styling tips and you are sure to get heads turning to check out yours for all the right reasons.